Haute Ecole Paul-Henri Spaak in a nutshell

Facts and figures:

  • Students:
    • 2.300 students
    • representing more than 60 different nationalities
    • 87,5 % Bachelor
    • 12,5 % Master and Specializations
    • Between 200 and 600 students per department
    • 8 sites
  • Staff:
    • Academic Staff: 350 pers. (permanent & associate lecturers)
    • Administrative Staff and technical Staff: 75 pers.

Erasmus Code: B  BRUXEL89


Application deadlines:

  • for the 1st semester 1/ full year: 1st June
  • for the 2nd semester 2: 1st December

Academic Calendar: 

  • First semester: from 15th September to 31st January (examination period in January)
  • Second semester: from 1st February to 30th June (examination period in June)

Language of instruction: French (a B1 level is required)

Grading system:

In the French speaking Belgian Community, as described by the Egracon project (http://egracons.eu/sites/default/files/COUNTRY_REPORTS.pdf) , the system is imposed by a decree of November 7th, 2013 (Décret définissant le paysage de l’enseignement supérieur et l’organisation académique des études).

Exams can be written or oral.

The grade scale goes from 0 to 20/20. The pass grade to get the credits of a course is 10/20. At the end of the academic year the jury gives the credits for all the courses with a grade of at least 10/20. It can also give credits for a small failure if the average result is good.

Exams are organised at the end of the semester (in January or in June). If the student fails at one or more exams, he/she can resit these exams in August/September.

ECTS grade HE-SPAAK grade
(out of 20)
Percentage of successful students normally achieving the grade
A 17,9-20 10 Greatest distinction: outstanding performance
16-17,9 Great distinction: outstanding performance with only minor errors
B 14-15,9 25 Distinction: above the average standard but with some errors
C 12-13,9 30 Satisfaction: generally sound work with a number of notable errors
D/E 10-11,9 35 Pass: performance meets the minimum criteria
F 0-9,9 Fail: some more work required before the credit can be awarded

Note: when a student does not take an examination or a final assessment, this is reflected as Non présenté (Not presented).

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