Current Applied Research Units


  • Publications in scientific journals
  • Spin-off companies
  • Projects at both levels:
    • Regional (FIRST projects)
    • International (MARIE CURIE project)

Per department: 

  • Technical Department:
    • Nuclear physics and radiations laboratory
    • Automatic-electricity
    • Chemistry and environment management
    • Applied mechanics
    • Electronics and computer science
  • Paramedical Department:
    • Environmental and occupational physiology
    • Lympho-phlebology
    • Anatomy, morphology, biomechanics
    • Research group applied to occupational therapy
  • Teacher training Department:
    • Research group applied to pedagogy and education
  •  Social Department:
    • Social work computerized inventory system

Event : Researchers’night (27th September)


Prof. C. Balestra PhD (
VP DAN Europe Res. & Edu.
Dir. Environmental & Occupational Physiology Lab.
Haute Ecole Paul Henri Spaak
Brussels (Belgium)